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France Trip 2012: Nausicca at st palais sur mer

Another magical summer trip to France.  Performing, visiting friends and family, sightseeing , improving our French and drinking up the French Culture both literally and figuratively. These photos are from Jack's 8 night run  at Nausicca in St. Palais sur mer.  A lovely resort town on the Atlantic coast, this restaurant features fabulous sea food and of course, fabulous music.  These photos were taken by Marco Wasser, a new found friend and photographer from Germany. He specializes in photography of artists and media packages for performing artists.  It was wonderful to play with  bassist Dominico Stocchi , guitarist Jeff Magidson, and pianist Michel .
Wilfried, also from Germany sat in on guitar one evening as did chanteuse Anna Magidson, chanteuse Rachel Magidson and washboardist Cajune .

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