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The Right Speaker is Key!

Engage, Educate, Entertain

To choose a speaker for a group of high energy business executives is no small feat.  They have busy lives and if they are going to set and listen to someone for an evening; it better be good!
And it better be relevant to their lives: either business or personal growth , or else forget it, they are out of there!

At a recent event with a group of entrepreneurs, our speaker, Patricia Fripp, made the grade! She had the audiences attention within 30 seconds and as she says
that's all you've got to engage someone!  And engage them she did!  Lots of great take aways and a standing ovation at the end.

Patricia asked for a bit of audience participation and had members give their "sales pitch" for their business.  She then "rewrote" it and WOW!  What a difference!

Add a fun venue, some great food and music and it totals up to a wonderful event for all!

Play off the theme of the venue!  In this case, a jazz club/dinner house in San Francisco; adds to the ambiance and enjoyment
for all! The venue was bought out for the evening and they catered the food/bar.  This can be a cost effective was to put on a great event for a group as you are not bringing in numerous vendors.  The size is the determining factor.  Check out the maximum; usually around 75 works well. This idea of a restaurant buy-out can also be used with wonderful results for a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.


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