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Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly! or just enjoy a flight over San Francisco Bay!

We set up this amazing event for a group of 60 at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos.  A beautiful museum full of the history of aviation and full scale planes from many eras.Our speaker and flight organizer, Michael Flint is the former private pilot of Warren Buffet and also an Airforce One Pilot for both President Bush and President Clinton.  Four planes were brought in to take groups up for a high flying adventure over San Francisico.  Those who wanted to add to their flying miles were welcome to take the wheel!

After the ground rules were explained, groups of four at a time took to the beautiful October skies for a sunset flight!

After landing everyone enjoyed  appetizers of Cheshire Cat and wine by St. Michelle wine estates as they discussed their various adventures.  we then all sat down from a lovely catered dinner and after dinner Micheal engaged us all with stories of his flight experience, love of flying and his new endeveor, Visionary Aviation: bringing the joy of flying to others!

Six vendors for this event: Venue, Speaker,wine sponsor, caterer, photographer, sound.
Cost per person- $200; 60 attendees
Photos courtesy of Nucci Studios, San Francisco


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