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Add something unexpected!

Tarot Card Reader as an added attractions, from Unexpected Companysomething extra for the party from About Faces EntertainmentKeep your party planning interesting by adding something that is unexpected! 
At a recent party that we planned for one of our clients we added a caracuturist and a tarot card reader!  The event was in The Old Mint in San Francisco and we started the party downstairs.  The layout is a long hallway with vaults on either side.  We set up the bar in the hall and placed our "surprises" in two of the vaults.  The lines formed immediately!  Everyone really enjoyed this addition.

Talble setting for our Night in Paris EventWe moved these two attractions upstairs when we continued up to the two ballrooms for our sit down dinner , music and dancing and they continued to be busy throughout the evening.  Our theme for the event was "a Night in Paris" so the decor , food, wine and mood reflected that feel.  Bistro linens, red roses on the tables and a delicious 4 course meal complemented our theme.  We started with a salad, followed by a shot of French Onion Soup, then the plat principal of roasted tenderloin of beef, scalloped potatoes, green beans and a broiled tomato. Dessert was served in another room with small size portions so the guests could enjoy more than one! 
vault door at the Old Mint, San FranciscoWe were able to use many different spaces within this venue.  The downstairs vaults, the upstairs ballrooms, smaller upstairs rooms for the band, our caracuturist and tarot card reader and another for dessert.  It's wonderful to move your guests around in a venue if at all possible;they love to move around, enjoy the various spaces and with a large group it enables different smaller groups of people to interact with each other.

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