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Wedding Jitters: How to calm yourself during that last week of preparation

You've decided to do much of the planing yourself.  You're almost done!  Last fitting on the dress, guests
have rsvp'd, venue contracts and vendor contracts are complete, and you're a nervous wreck!
What to do?!
Most importantly, don't try and keep it all in your head and be sure to have tasks delegated.  If you haven't done it yet, make your final week list.
Sit down calmly, make two columns on your piece of paper or your excel file one marked task and the other marked who's going to do it.
Then start your thinking process.  For each task, fill in a person and a time.  Make sure the list of "helpers" is long enough, if not make some calls.

Bringing the candles to the venue or church is fine but who will light them?  Is there assigned seating, bride's and groom's side or open, do the ushers know this?
Is this an outside wedding? Have you reserved a tent in case it rains? Tent companies allow you to cancel 24 hours ahead with no charge.  Don't stress over this until the last minute.  You don't want to ruin your dress on wet grass or even worse have your heels sink into the wet lawn and trip!

If you are using any recorded music for your reception, i.e. a cd or ipod, try it with the system that is in place at the venue!  You don't want to turn on the music and be greeted by resounding silence.

Planning is everything!  This is your day, enjoy it!

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