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Food and Wine Symposium: A Delicious Event!

Mix ten chefs from fabulous restaurants with ten incredible wineries, add a dash of music from a string trio, sprinkle in 5 panelists discussing the business of food, decorate with flowers and candles everywhere  , 125 guests ready to partake and you have a magical and delicious evening event.
Each chef brought a special signature dish of his/her restaurant and it was paired specifically with a wine from a local winery. 


The results were amazing and delectable.

That makes 10 courses from appetizers to dessert.

The Right Speaker is Key!

Engage, Educate, Entertain

To choose a speaker for a group of high energy business executives is no small feat.  They have busy lives and if they are going to set and listen to someone for an evening; it better be good!
And it better be relevant to their lives: either business or personal growth , or else forget it, they are out of there!

At a recent event with a group of entrepreneurs, our speaker,Patricia Fripp,made the grade! She had the audiences attention within 30 seconds and as she says

Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly! or just enjoy a flight over San Francisco Bay!

We set up this amazing event for a group of 60 at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos.  A beautiful museum full of the history of aviation and full scale planes from many eras.Our speaker and flight organizer, Michael Flint is the former private pilot of Warren Buffet and also an Airforce One Pilot for both President Bush and President Clinton.  Four planes were brought in to take groups up for a high flying adventure over San Francisico.

It's all happening at the Zoo!

Many zoos are set up to be the perfect backdrop for
fantastic events! We had animal introductions during cocktail hour and went on to enjoy a site down dinner catered by the Zoos caterer!

This event
was held at
The San Francisco Zoo.
and had the extra added attractions of
a demonstration by Kung Fu Experts!
Don't try this at home!

Photos for this event were taken by Nucci Studios, San Francisco.

Adventure Events; Navy Seal Training

Ever wonder what a Navy Seal training is like?
Here is a one day event that promises to challenge physically and mentally and give you an event of a lifetime!   We bought our group to the beautiful Marin Headlands for this event with 6 ex Navy Seals to put us through our paces; starting with a one mile run to the beach, one man carry exercise,lifeboats in the surf and finishing with much deserved bar-b-que.  This is an event best suited for a small group that welcomes the opportunity to stretch out of their comfort zone, build their skills and create group awareness.

Add something unexpected!

Tarot Card Reader as an added attractions, from Unexpected Companysomething extra for the party from About Faces EntertainmentKeep yourparty planninginteresting by adding something that is unexpected! 
At a recent party that we planned for one of our clients we added a caracuturist and a tarot card reader!  The event was in The Old Mint in San Francisco and we started the party downstairs.  The layout is a long hallway with vaults on either side.  We set up the bar in the hall and placed our "surprises" in two of the vaults.  The lines formed immediately!  Everyone really enjoyed this addition.

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