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Jazz in Tillac , France

After a delightful week in the La Mothe st. Heray area, Deux sevres departement, we headed to the south west of France to visit family and to enjoy one of the largest jazz festivals in Europe in Tillac.  A sleepy little village for most of the year, it comes alive with people and music during the first two weeks of August.  The central square was tented and live jazz from noon until 5pm every day. 
After dark the headliners started at "the big tent". We were fortunate enough to get tickets to see Thelonious Monk Jr.

France: Paris, la mothe st. heray

We have been very fortunate and again have had the opportunity to travel to France for a performance tour
 and vacation!  We are taking three weeks this year and are loving every minute.
 Love these perks!  Our first stop
  was once again  Paris.  Two lovely days of sightseeing,
visiting friends, eating and drinking wine....doesn't get much better.  Packed with tourists as is usual at the end of
July but fairly cool.
A nighttime boat ride on the Seine, le dejeuner in Montmartre and a delicious sole meuniere at Chez Pierrot on rue Amelie  are some highlights.

Food and Wine Symposium: A Delicious Event!

Mix ten chefs from fabulous restaurants with ten incredible wineries, add a dash of music from a string trio, sprinkle in 5 panelists discussing the business of food, decorate with flowers and candles everywhere  , 125 guests ready to partake and you have a magical and delicious evening event.
Each chef brought a special signature dish of his/her restaurant and it was paired specifically with a wine from a local winery. 


The results were amazing and delectable.

That makes 10 courses from appetizers to dessert.

The Right Speaker is Key!

Engage, Educate, Entertain

To choose a speaker for a group of high energy business executives is no small feat.  They have busy lives and if they are going to set and listen to someone for an evening; it better be good!
And it better be relevant to their lives: either business or personal growth , or else forget it, they are out of there!

At a recent event with a group of entrepreneurs, our speaker,Patricia Fripp,made the grade! She had the audiences attention within 30 seconds and as she says

Musical Friends

It's such fun when musical friends get together!
A jam session starts, the dancers hit the floor and it's a gala event!
We're lucky enough to have some friends who fit this bill!  

And, oh did I mention?
There were dance instructors there as well!

Whether there to dance, sing, play an instrument or just sit and enjoy the music, a good time was had by all!

Introducing...drum roll..our JPJ Blog!

We'll use this blog to keep you up to date on interesting venues and performances and whatever else comes our way! 
As an introduction, Jack and I work as a team to bring our clients memorable and stress free events.  I work with a variety of clients from City Planners to Festival Planners to other independent Event Planning professionals as well as individuals who want to put on a great party, wedding or other event.  I can help with just the music or plan the event from soup to nuts.

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