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September 2010

Vendor Meals

How to handle vendor meals?  First and foremost, I always suggest that my clients provide a meal for the vendors.  This is a question that comes up at almost all events.  The vendors, for the most part, come earlier than the guests and stay later and for evening events that means they are there over the usual dinner hours.  They need to be fed to best do what they do for you.    How best to cover this issue?

Unfortunately there are no "industry standards" for this; it is a decision up to the individual client, event planner and/or catering manager.

Wedding Jitters: How to calm yourself during that last week of preparation

You've decided to do much of the planing yourself.  You're almost done!  Last fitting on the dress, guests
have rsvp'd, venue contracts and vendor contracts are complete, and you're a nervous wreck!
What to do?!
Most importantly, don't try and keep it all in your head and be sure to have tasks delegated.  If you haven't done it yet, make your final week list.
Sit down calmly, make two columns on your piece of paper or your excel file one marked task and the other marked who's going to do it.

Introducing...drum roll..our JPJ Blog!

We'll use this blog to keep you up to date on interesting venues and performances and whatever else comes our way! 
As an introduction, Jack and I work as a team to bring our clients memorable and stress free events.  I work with a variety of clients from City Planners to Festival Planners to other independent Event Planning professionals as well as individuals who want to put on a great party, wedding or other event.  I can help with just the music or plan the event from soup to nuts.

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